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Cellulose Ceiling Insulation

We install cellulose insulation to new and older homes. Cellulose is the perfect product to top-up the insulation in your roof space. It is recycled material, non-toxic and is able to give a blanket cover with no gaps. Any R-rating can be achieved. Prices are available by contacting us for an onsite quotation.















Silverfloor 500 comes in rolls that can be stapled between your underfloor joists. The product details, installation and benefits are discussed here.

For all your insulation needs, please contact us to discuss your best options and we can ensure you receive prompt, friendly advice and service.

Softer, safer, non-itch, environmentally friendly glasswool insulation.


The R rating associated with batts, indicates the thermal resistance the batts provide.

The higher the R rating, the thicker the batts.


Batts can be up to R2.5 for a 90mm stud wall.

The 2.5HP (high performance) also help to control sound due to their high density.


Polyester batts prices are available on request and can be ordered if required.

Walls and Ceiling Batts

The primary batts we supply and install are Knauf Earthwool Batts.

We are able to order special requirements.

Let us help you make your home more comfortable for winter and summer!